Thank you for visiting the Cruise Law Group wesbsite. At Cruise Law Group, where we provide competent and zelaous advocacy. Attorney Tyrese Cruise is licensed in the District of Columbia, Florida and several Federal Jurisdictions. At Cruise Law Group we focus on two (2) primary areas of law, which are Immigration and Criminal Defense.  


Cruise Law Group represents clients charged with criminal offenses throughout the state of Florida. The firm also accepts clients facing federal charges in the Middle and Southern Federal District of Florida. If you are facing charges at the state or federal level, it is often crucial that you retain a qualified and competent attorney to assist with your defense and to determine your legal options. 


Probation and Parole Violations: Felony and Misdemeanor VOPs.

DUI Defense: For Clients arrested for driving under the influence.

Drug-related Charges: For Clients charges with possession or trafficking Drugs. 

Firearm-related: Charges relating to possession, use or concealing firearms. Assault/Battery: We represent clinets charged with various forms of Assault and or Battery. These include DV Battery/Assault, Aggravated Battery/Assault.

Property Crimes: Burglary and home invasion are among some of the charges we represent clients with.

Theft/Fraud: We represent clients in counties throughout the State of Florida who are charged with various fraud or theft-related offenses. 

Other Crimes: We represent clients charged conspiracy to committ various offenses, RICOs, Robbery, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Fleeing and Eluding, resisting arrest among other Misdemeanor and Felonies. 

At CLG, we stand ready to zealously represent you and help you navigate a Justice system that may seem foreign to you. In most legal matters, timing is extremely crucial, particularly in criminal cases; it is imperative that you hire a competent attorney to discuss your options and to develop a thorough legal strategy. If you are charged with any of the offenses listed under or criminal cases, drop-down menu, or any similar type offenses, please reach out to CLG to obtain a free consultation. Call CLG at 888-332-3136  

For more detailed information about our services CLG offers for clients facing criminal charges in the state of Florida, please hover over the Criminal Cases tab above and select the service you are interested in from the drop-down menu to obtain more information.

We provide competent, zealous, yet affordable legal representation for Clients seeking representation for Immigration matters before USCIS, DHS, NVC, or ICE or for Clients facing Criminal charges in Florida. For more information, send us an email HERE or giving us a call Call CLG at 888-332-3136 Please do note the important notice below regarding confidential information. You can also send us a message via WhatsApp directly from this page by clicking on the "WhatsApp CLG" link provided. WhatsApp CLG


Attorney Tyrese Cruise is a Jamaican who has navigated the U.S. Immigration System and is now a Naturalized U.S. Citizen. He experienced first-hand the challenges many immigrants face while navigating this complex and fluid system. Thus, Attorney Cruise is passionate about immigration law and helping immigrants legally migrate or adjust status in the United States. At Cruise Law Group, we offer a plethora of immigration services which includes but is not limited to:

Asylum: Helping those fleeing persecution, that have a credible fear of future persecution based on a statutorily eligible categories settle in the United States. 

Abused Immigrants: this includes assisting immigrants (Spouses/Children) of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents (LPR) who experienced extreme cruelty at the hands of their U.S. citizen or LPR spouse or parent under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which includes male and female applicants. 

Removal (Deportation Defense): Representing clients in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court, including requesting a bond, if eligible. 

Adjustment of Status: CLG also assists applicants who are spouses or parents of a U.S. citizen to Adjust Status in the United States. 

Naturalization: We assist eligible LPR Clients apply for naturalization which if approved allows them to become U.S. Citizens. 

Other services: As an Immigration and Criminal Defense Law Firm, we provide many other services under the broad spectrum of Immigration Law. These include but are not limited to: Investment visas such as the suite of E-Visas, employment visas including all H, J, L, and O category visas. Finally, CLG also assists clients in applying for 3–10-year ban waivers, and J1/J2 Waivers.  If you need Immigration representation before USCIS or the EOIR, please reach out to CLG to obtain a free consultation. Call CLG at 888-332-3136 

For more detailed information about our services for immigration clients, please hover over the Immigration tab above and select the service you are interested in from the drop-down menu to obtain more information. 

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